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Sauna Seat Covers

The perfect sauna seat cover for a sauna lover!

Sauna means relaxation and peace of mind as you get to sit on the sauna benches. The little things together make the sauna experience so special. Today, a lot is invested in the interior design of the sauna and the seat cloth matters! Definitely the best materials for a sauna seat cover is linen and cotton. These materials make the seat cover absorbent and easy to care for. With a stylish seat cloth, you get the final touch to your sauna pleasure!

The Hiisi Tales sauna sear cover has a gorgeous, unique pattern and is made of an easy-care linen-cotton blend, where the linen luster comes out beautifully. The sauna sear cover is made in Finland, so you support Finnish work with this choice.

So, style your sauna with a new sauna sear cover or it is also wonderful to give as a gift.

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